Advantages of Pawn Loans

Pawn Benefits


Benefits of Pawning

Benefits of Pawning

4 Seasons Pawn Shop is a friendly and welcoming place to do business. We strive to offer the most cash for valuables and provide first-class customer service. Our customers depend on our Pawn Shop to help meet daily financial needs not offered by other financial institutions.

Pawn loans keep the electricity on, the rent paid, and cars running with full tanks of gas by providing a safety-net to thousands of unbanked or underbanked Canadians. There are many benefits of using our Pawn Shop over the more traditional forms of credit:

Easy to Qualify All you need is something of value and photo ID. Requires an extensive background check, credit check, employment check, and paperwork.
No Credit Check We don’t check your credit. Require a credit check which negatively affects your credit score.
Approval in Minutes We can approve your pawn in less than 5 minutes. Takes days or even weeks to get approved.
No Recourse for defaults If you default, you only lose your item. No other consequences. If you default, you are haunted for decades with poor credit.
Flexible Repayment Terms You can repay your pawn loan at any time during your loan period without any extra fees. We offer grace for being late on your loan. In some cases, you must pay a penalty if you pay your loan back early. You also must follow strict deadlines.
Open 7 Days Per Week If you need cash, you can get it 7 days per week. We are even open on most stat holidays. Banker hours – short working hours, start late, close early, closed Sundays and holidays.
Instant Cash You can have cash in your hand in less than 5 minutes. Takes days or even weeks to have access to your funds.
Friendly Service We strive to make the pawn process as pleasant as possible. Can be intimidating or restrictive in negotiating your loan.
No Minimums We can issue small loans without any minimums. Will only issue loans for larger amounts, even if you don’t need it.
Solution for unbanked / underbanked Canadians We offer access to funds to those who are turned away by the banks. Will refuse to loan money to Canadians that do not meet their strict standards.
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